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1. About LendInvest

What is LendInvest?

LendInvest is a UK-based online marketplace for property finance. We provide specialist finance to property investors and developers, and opportunities for individuals, corporates and financial services institutions to invest in property-backed loans.

To find out more about our products for borrowers and investors, visit and

Is LendInvest regulated?

Not all LendInvest businesses are regulated. LendInvest Funds Management Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of LendInvest plc) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to fund management activities as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in respect of unauthorised alternative investment funds (AIFs) constituted by investments on the platform. Registration details for LendInvest Funds Management Limited are available on FCA Financial Services Register under Firm reference, 624223. The AIFs are unregulated funds.

What is LendInvest’s track record?

In 2013, LendInvest was spun out of Montello, a specialist short-term property finance business that launched in 2008. To date, we have funded over £1.7 billion worth of loans, helping property investors and developers to buy, build or renovate more than 3,000 homes around the UK.

We take transparency seriously. Every year, we voluntarily publish an Annual Report with a full set of financial accounts. Read our Annual Reports at

Does LendInvest lend against anything other than property?

No, we only lend against property. All of our loans are secured by a legal charge which is registered against the relevant property.

Why do people borrow through LendInvest and not traditional means of finance?

Short-term property finance is a popular form of funding for professional property investors, landlords and developers that need to move quickly to secure a purchase, release funds to move onto the next stage of their property project or finance small-scale housing developments. This sort of funding is typically unavailable at the required speed with traditional lenders.