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7. Managing your online account

How do I add funds to my LendInvest account?

There are two ways to add funds to your LendInvest account: from a UK-issued debit card or by bank transfer. Currently we do not accept funds from credit or charge cards.

When adding funds via bank transfer, please ensure that you include your unique LendInvest reference number as the transfer reference (beginning “GBR”). Please note that from 1 May 2017, our bank details have changed. If you have previously added funds before this date, you will need to save new bank details before adding further funds by bank transfer. Our new bank details are available in your online account.

Where is my money held when I transfer funds?

Investor funds are held by LendInvest in a segregated client account with Barclays Bank Plc.

When will the funds I have sent arrive in my LendInvest account?

Adding funds via debit card is instantaneous. Adding funds by bank transfer will be processed no later than the close of the next working day. You will receive an automatic email notification when your LendInvest account balance has been updated.

How do I get a history of my investments?

Please log into your online account. Click on ‘Portfolio’ to view a breakdown of all your current and past investments.

Where can I find copies of the investment contracts for loans that I have invested in?

Please log into your online account and go to the ‘Portfolio’ tab. Click on ‘Show contracts’.

How do I withdraw my available balance?

Please log into your online account. Go to the ‘Available balance’ and click ‘Withdraw’. Your available balance will be sent to your nominated bank account generally within three working days.

When you add bank account details for the first time, you will need to send us a PDF copy of a bank statement from your chosen account so we can verify it before transferring funds.

Withdraw your funds

How do I make an investment?

Eligible investors can view all available investment opportunities in the ‘Invest’ tab of their online account. Clicking ‘More details’ on an individual investment will show you detailed information about the loan and the underlying security. Once you’ve chosen a loan, click the ‘Invest’ button to make your investment.

Making an investment

How can I track my investments?

✓ Within ‘Portfolio’, view a breakdown of all your current and past investments.
✓ Access a PDF copy of your contract at anytime from the loan summary.
✓ Within ‘Transactions’, view and download your entire transaction history.
✓ Within ‘Statements’, download your monthly interest statements. Essential for filing your tax deductible earnings.

Tracking your investments

Why must I confirm my country of residence?

We currently only allow investments on our platform by individuals who are resident in the United Kingdom. This is because, if you are outside the United Kingdom, your local legislation may not permit us to offer products to you in your own country.

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