Simple, fast Product Transfers

Hassle-free Product Transfers that remove the complexity for your Buy-to-Let customers and can save them money.

Simple, fast Product Transfers
Product Transfer
Apply in minutes
Reduced fees
Transfer alerts
Our Product Transfers are for pound-for-pound refinances only. For any element of capital raising we will currently require a new application. Please speak to your BDM for more information.

All that’s needed

The Mortgage Account number (8 digit number provided directly to the applicant(s), so you will need to contact them). This will differ to the original application number

The highest tax band across all applicants (for Private Individual applicants)

The estimated value of the property, the monthly rental amount, and the current EPC rating

The security’s postcode and at least one borrower’s name

The length of the desired mortgage term

If the borrower is a portfolio landlord and something has changed since the original application, an updated portfolio

How it works

Navigate our mortgage products, submit your applications, and manage your active deals. Every step is simple in the Mortgages Portal.



A Product Transfer is both quicker and cheaper than commencing a new application.

You and your customers could also benefit from product incentives and the support of a dedicated Product Transfer team to ensure a smooth and streamlined process.

We will email you and your customer as they approach the end of their current fixed term. These emails will commence three months before the end of the current fixed period.

If you haven’t received an email but believe your client is eligible, then you can still review it in our Mortgages Portal.

Available products are detailed here and can be modelled in our product calculators.

At the end of the Product Transfer application process in the Mortgages Portal you will be able to select eligible products.

No, there is no need to carry out a legal process on product transfers. As such, there are no legal fees.

Once your application has been approved and offered, the product transfer will automatically complete.

This will occur either on the expiry date of the existing product or, if the existing product has already expired, shortly after your application is approved.

You will be notified by email once completion has taken place.

If the borrower does not wish to proceed with the new product you must contact us as soon as possible. If you do not, and the product transfer is completed, the borrower may incur charges if they decide to withdraw.


We need the property and applicant to meet affordability based on the new product they are selecting, so underwriters will need to do checks on both the property and the applicant.

Yes, we will instruct a physical valuation.

Yes, we do not need the original broker to submit the new application. You will need to speak to the borrower regarding previous information as well as our servicing team in order to find the details.

You will need to go via a broker, as we do not accept direct business. They can be different from your original broker.

You can apply up to 3 months in advance.


Landlords that are coming to the end of a fixed-term loan with LendInvest Mortgages, where their mortgage payments are up to date.

You can commence the product transfer process at any time. But completion before the reversion date may be subject to ERCs.

  • Mortgage Account number (contained on your borrower’s mortgage letters and statements)
  • The highest tax band of the applicants
  • Updated estimate of security value, current rental income and EPC
  • Mortgage Term your borrower would like after the product transfer is complete
  • If your borrower is a portfolio landlord we will need updated portfolio information if there have been any changes since the previous application
  • The security’s postcode and at least one borrower’s name

Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis against our current lending criteria.

Product transfers should be a renewal of the existing loan.

Product transfers are not available in the following scenarios:

  • Capital raising
  • Change of property use since the original application completed
  • A Transfer of Equity has occurred
  • An applicant is being added or taken off - it must remain the same as the original application

If these are applicable to your client, please submit a new application in the Mortgages Portal, and not a product transfer.


You will receive a procuration fee in line with your arrangement with LendInvest Mortgages. This fee is typically half of a non Product Transfer application.

Yes, you can select this within the Product Transfer application.

Yes, you can. The same instructions and process applies.