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Everything you need to know about getting started with the LendInvest Mortgages Portal, including information on existing applications, submitting new business, and what to expect.

LendInvest Mortgages Portal
Mortgages Portal

FAQs about this migration:

Mortgages Portal

We are moving Buy-to-Let brokers into the LendInvest Mortgages Portal.

Until now for Buy-to-Let customers we have used a different portal, referred to from here on as our ‘legacy portal’. But Buy-to-Let is now in our Mortgages Portal, alongside Bridging and Residential, and brokers must use this portal instead.

This page contains all of the information you will need to help make the migration from our legacy portal to the Mortgages Portal simple.

The Mortgages Portal is built on our proprietary technology allowing you to process your Buy-to-Let, Bridging and Residential applications all in one place.

The new portal not only gives you a simpler, faster and more transparent application experience but it also allows us to offer you more competitive and innovative products to benefit your borrowers.

To see our current rates, and criteria or get a quote please visit our Buy-to-Let product page. If you need more help, you'll find contact details there.

Existing applications

You will no longer be able to access the legacy portal from the 29th of March 2024.

The last date for signed applications to be submitted in our legacy portal will be the 1st of March 2024. Any applications not signed by this date will be withdrawn and must be resubmitted in the Mortgages Portal.

Applications submitted and signed by the 1st of March must reach offer stage by the 29th of March 2024, or they will need to be resubmitted in the Mortgages Portal.

Any post-offer applications will continue to progress. You will be kept informed of the progress of these applications by our team but you will not be able to see the details of these or any historically completed applications in the Mortgages Portal.

We will only be able to re-offer applications in the legacy portal if the selected product in the offer is still available and valid. If the product is no longer available or should you request to change the product, the application will be withdrawn and must be resubmitted in the Mortgages Portal. Please note these applications will be processed as new applications with fees chargeable and there is no guarantee that a new offer will be issued.

Logging in

Yes! Use your email and password and you’ll be able to login to our Mortgages Portal as normal. Once logged you will now be able to start and submit your Buy-to-Let applications.

If you’ve never registered for one of our portals, you can do so by registering here.

If you were previously registered for just our Buy-to-Let product on our legacy portal, you should have received an email with registration instructions. Please double-check your inbox for this.

If you can’t find that, simply click here and use the same email you used on the legacy portal to request a password reset link. You will then receive an email which will allow you to select your Mortgages Portal password and you can then continue to login and submit your Buy-to-Let deals.

Not a problem. Simply call our team on 0203 836 1837 and we’ll be happy to help.

How it works

Navigate our mortgage products, submit your applications, and manage your active deals. Every step is simple in the Mortgages Portal.

What using the Mortgages Portal gives you

Get credit-backed DIPs and submit an application in minutes, so you know we’re the right lender for your client.

Our system notifies you when you have tasks to complete, or if there’s anything blocking your application, so you can address it and progress at speed.
Daily notifications

See every step of your application’s progress including valuation, application review, and offers, so you and your customers are kept up to date.
Live updates

Designed around you, the vital application information you need is easy and fast to find to keep your deal moving.
Faster progress
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