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Incentive terms and conditions


Valuation Fee Contribution

  • The Buy to Let Valuation Fee is £150.
  • This valuation fee must be paid by the borrower to LendInvest before the valuation will be instructed.
  • The £150 Valuation Fee is not available on mortgages for Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) or Multiple Unit Blocks (MUFBs). You will be advised separately on the valuation fee payable for these products.

Home Owner

Valuation Fee Contribution

  • LendInvest will pay a contribution towards the borrower's valuation fees (including VAT) relating to this mortgage up to a maximum £400 (the Valuation Fee Contribution).
  • The Valuation Fee Contribution is paid by LendInvest to the valuer when the valuation is instructed. The amount of the Valuation Fee Contribution will never exceed the total of the actual valuation costs (including VAT). The borrower(s) will be responsible for the payment of any amount in excess of the £400 Valuation Fee Contribution.
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