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2. Using our portal for BTL

Decision in principle

To generate a decision in principle: 

  1. Log in to the portal
  2. Click the new application button, you can use the duplication application function for repeat borrowers
  3. Choose the type of loan – purchase or remortgage
  4. Enter your applicant’s details
  5. Enter the security details
  6. Select your desired loan-term and LTV
  7. Receive DIP

Application process

  1. Continue your DIP into a full application
  2. Ensure you have all of the essential personal, property, portfolio, income, TR1 & SoW details
  3. Go through each step of the application, carefully filling in the details so case managers have the accurate information to get started
  4. Prepare your borrowers to use our Open Banking technology for income checking, Jumio ID verification, and Docusign for signing essential documents. They will receive invitations to do this after the application is submitted.

Portfolio upload

  1. You need to upload portfolios as soon as the case has been submitted, you can do this in two ways: 
    1. You can upload your preferred template directly into the portal via “Uploading supporting documents”. Search by case reference, open the application dashboard and click ‘upload supporting documents’ at the bottom of the page.
  2. If this is a repeat borrower, you can copy the portfolio from previous applications

How do you verify the borrower’s identity?

Once we have received the signed application from the applicant(s), they will receive a link from us to verify their ID on the Jumio platform. They will be asked to upload a photo of their ID (eg passport) and a selfie, and the results will be sent to your allocated case manager here at LendInvest. The whole process takes just 60 seconds, and can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What is the maximum loan amount?

We lend up to a maximum of £750,000, but this varies according to the property type and the loan to value of the mortgage. Please see our Buy-to-Let mortgages page for more information.

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