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September 2, 2016

Who to follow on Twitter to keep apace with PropTech

London PropTech is having its moment. If you’re as keen as us to know what is going on in the world of Proptech, these are the people to follow on Twitter. Some have set up the most exciting PropTech startups in London, while others enthusiastically share their knowledge and opinion.

They are the influencers making a difference – not just in the current landscape but in all probability shaping London’s PropTech future too.


Top 21 PropTech Influencers on Twitter

  1. Henry Pryor, Market Commentator @HenryPryor (20.4k followers)
  2. Graham Norwood, Property Writer @PropertyJourn (18.5k followers)
  3. Ishaan Malhi, CEO at Hello Trussle, @Ishaan_trussle (9.7k followers)
  4. Nick Katz, FRICS, Co-founder & CEO Splittable @NicholasKatz (7.4k followers)
  5. Christian Faes, Co-founder and CEO, LendInvest @ChristianFaes (5.7k followers)
  6. Carol Tallon, Former Sunday Business & Independent columist @CarolTallon (4.2k followers)
  7. Antony Slumbers, Founder, Estates Today Ltd, @antonyslumbers (3.1k followers)
  8. James Dearsley, Blogger @jamesdearsley (4.9k followers)
  9. Ross Bailey, Founder & CEO of Appear[Here] @RossABailey (3.7k followers)
  10. Asa Bentley, Managing Director at Makeurmove @AsaBentley (2.6k followers)
  11. Thijs van der Burgt, Founder, Office App @thijsvdburgt84 (1.9k followers)
  12. Nick Russell, Entrepreneur, previously We Are Pop Up @BetterCity (1.4k followers)
  13. Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder, Hubble @iamtoosh (1.3k followers)
  14. Juliette Morgan, Partner, Cushman & Wakefield @Juliettemorgan (1.3k followers)
  15. Nicky Stevenson, MD at Property Academy/Estate Events @nickymstevenson (1.3k followers)
  16. Rayhan Rafiq Omar, Founder, Unmortgage @Ray5D (1.3k followers)
  17. Daniel Gandesha, Founder & CEO of Property Partner @danielgandesha (816 followers)
  18. Jonny Britton, Co-founder & CEO, Land Insight @jonnybritton (668 followers)
  19. Eddie Holmes, Founder, PropTech Consult @eddie_holmes (582 followers)
  20. Miroslav Miroslavov, Co-Founder, Office R&D @mmiroslavov (516 followers)
  21. Dominic Wilson, Managing Partner at PiLabs, @Dom7Wilson (511 followers)

This list is based exclusively on social media following. Of course Twitter isn’t the sole measure of a person’s influence.

Who have been PropTech’s top 25 influencers in 2016? It’s down to your votes to decide the final list.

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