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June 16, 2016

Top 16 journos and bloggers to follow on Twitter for financial advice

What should you be doing with your money? Where should you be investing it? What are the most practical savings tips? Today it’s easier to self-teach than ever before.

We’ve collected some of Twitter’s best purveyors of financial information for self-directed investors and household CFOs. Cherry-pick and build your knowledge on money management, saving and investment.

  1.  Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert:  @MartinSLewis 
  2. Paul Lewis, finance journalist:  @paullewismoney
  3. Sarah Pennels, Founder of SavvyWoman.co.uk:   @Savvy_Woman
  4. Ricky Willis, blogger: @SkintDad
  5. Emma Lunn, personal finance journalist: @emmalunn
  6. Moira O’Neill, editor of MoneyWise: @MoiraONeill
  7. Trent Hamm, blogger, @thesimpledollar
  8. Kevin Peachey, BBC personal finance journalist, @PeacheyK
  9. Harriet Meyer, personal finance journalist, @Harriet_Meyer
  10. Rupert Jones, Guardian personal finance journalist: @rupert_jones
  11. Lana Clements, financial journalist, The Express @lanac
  12. Simon Gompertz, finance correspondent, BBC @gompertz
  13. Simon Read, finance journalist, former editor The Independent @simonnread
  14. Marc Shoffman, finance journalist, former This Is Money @marcshoffman
  15. Brina Milligan, finance reporter, BBC @brianmilli
  16. Larua Whitcombe, personal finance reporter, This Is Money @lwhitcombe83

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