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October 12, 2021

Case study: Capital raise for freehold acquisition and development planning

Our new BDM for South London, South Essex and North Kent, Rhys Evans, is showcasing some recent deals we’ve supported in the region. To take a closer look at our rates, offers and get instant quotes, visit our product page

Location: Crystal Palace

Loan amount: £547,500

LTV: 75%

Purpose: Capital raise on existing property for acquisition 


An experienced property investor approached us for a capital raise against an existing maisonette in a high-demand area of South London. 

With the extra £100k capital from the refinance they intended to purchase a share of the freehold and obtain planning permission for development. 

After finalising costings and schedule of works they intended to exit the loan with development finance, for which a valuer had provider a GDV of £900,000, enough to cover this loan and the planned works. 

With this in place, we were happy to back the deal. 

To take a closer look at our rates, offers and get instant quotes, visit our product page

Luke Stevenson
Posted by Luke Stevenson
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