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LendInvest’s founders, Christian Faes and Ian Thomas, have launched a new industry organisation for FinTech founders, called the Digital Finance Forum.
The Forum’s aim is to create a wide network of people that have a vested interest in FinTech, and to provide a forum for better collaboration amongst entrepreneurs, startups, government, regulators and across the financial services landscape.

The group has been hosting a series of events informally since 2016, and this has now been formalised under the name of the Digital Finance Forum. The group has previously hosted guest speakers from senior levels of government, 10 Downing Street, the World Economic Forum, and senior bank executives such as ex-Barclays bank CEO and now FinTech founder, Anthony Jenkins.
Christian Faes, LendInvest co-founder and CEO, and chair of the Digital Finance Forum:

“The Digital Finance Forum creates an informal, intimate space away from the conference circuit and other formal organisations that seek to represent the FinTech sector – allowing for real conversations between those that are at the coalface of building it.
“The Forum has evolved from a number of informal events we started running back in 2016. Over time this has gathered momentum, and as it has, we’ve been able to attract a star lineup of guest speakers for our group to hear from and interact with. We have been encouraged to now make this a more formal organisation for FinTech entrepreneurs.”

A programme of events will be released over the coming months.
For information on how you can get involved with the Digital Finance Forum, please email [email protected]