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May 30, 2024

Simple Buy-to-Let Product Transfers: from start to finish in 17 days

To experience simple Buy-to-Let Product Transfers, go to our Product Transfer page. 

The new Buy-to-Let Product Transfer process is built around brokers and your customers; using the technology of the LendInvest Mortgages Portal to power faster decisions, light-touch underwriting and a smooth process to a simple remortgage. 

Since launch, we’ve received dozens of applications, and the power of the Mortgages Portal these are now being delivered.

Here’s our first completion: 

Location: Semi-Detached House, Blackpool

Loan amount: £110,634

LTV: 79.02%

On this deal, we were asked to process a pound-for-pound product transfer for a portfolio landlord. 

What was notable about this process was the speed with which we were able to move through the phases, as the Product Transfer process in the Mortgages Portal enables them to go straight to product selection and allowed our team to do a light-touch underwrite, using the data we already had in the system from a customer’s previous deal. 

Only needing a few bits of information before they started meant the broker could operate quickly to offer their client terms that suited their needs, and get their Buy-to-Let Product Transfer completed way ahead of their mortgage deadline.

Because of the light-touch nature of the approach as well, the customer saved money on the fees payable.

All in all, our first product transfer only took 17 days from start to completion, a strong start for a product we intend to keep making faster with AVMs cutting out the need for a formal valuation. 

To learn more about our Product Transfer process and start your next deal, get started here