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January 4, 2024

Q&A: John Pointer, Relationship Manager

John Pointer has recently joined the Development Finance team as Relationship Manager. In our latest Q&A, we chat to John about his new role and what the future holds for him at LendInvest Capital.


Can you provide some insights into your professional background and experience before joining LendInvest?

I have an extensive career in the banking sector, spanning over 30 years, with a significant focus on property finance for the last decade. Before my current role at LendInvest, I worked as a Relationship Manager at Aldremore Bank and then GB Bank, where I honed my skills in managing client relationships and facilitating property financing solutions.


How has your background prepared you for your current role at LendInvest?

My years in banking have provided me with a deep understanding of the intricacies of property finance. This experience will be invaluable in my role at LendInvest, where I collaborate with professional introducers to support property developers in securing funding for their projects. 


Could you tell us about your responsibilities at LendInvest and how you contribute to the company’s mission?

As part of the LendInvest Development Finance team, my primary responsibility is to engage with professional introducers and collaborate with property developers to facilitate funding for their projects. This involves not only understanding the financial aspects but also contributing to the broader goal of bringing new homes to communities. By leveraging my expertise, I play a crucial role in advancing LendInvest’s mission of making property finance more accessible and efficient.


Can you walk us through a typical day in your current role?

A typical day for me at the moment starts with a team catch-up to ensure alignment on priorities. I then dedicate time to responding to emails and addressing any client queries. The core of my day revolves around meetings with introducers and clients, where we discuss both new and existing cases. These interactions can take place via video calls or on-site visits, covering locations across England, Scotland, or Wales. 

What attracted you to joining LendInvest?

The decision to join LendInvest was influenced by the company’s stellar reputation in the market. Beyond the accolades, what truly resonated with me was the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie I experienced during the interview process. This sense of unity and shared purpose convinced me that LendInvest was not just an industry leader but also a workplace where collaboration and support thrive.



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