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December 10, 2019

LendInvest backs the #StartupManifesto

At the end of November, our CEO, Christian Faes, became one of the 250 entrepreneur signatories of a new Startup Manifesto designed and published by Coadec – campaigners on tech policy – and The Entrepreneurs Network – a startup founders’ think tank. 

The Startup Manifesto is an important document. It outlines 21 policies that entrepreneurs and business leaders around the UK believe the next government should implement to “put Britain in the digital driving seat”. 

As the Daily Telegraph concisely puts it: 

“Perfect the policy mix to fertilise and incubate ambitious, energetic, cutting-edge companies…. And countries can reap the benefits – in jobs, taxes and reputation – within a decade. Such is the pace and economic impact of digital innovation.”

The Manifesto’s policies are as ambitious as they are diverse. They fall into a three-pronged plan of attack. The Manifesto recommends: 

“Talk to founders [and] the core of what it takes to build world-beating companies… comes down to three things: talent … tax … and a clear set of rules and regulations.”

The policy recommendations include: 

Access to talent 

  • Implement the Start Up and Innovator Visas successfully
  • Bring back the Tier 1 General visa
  • Modernise Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) by increasing current limits for eligible companies
  • Support more women to start and scale businesses

Access to Finance

  • Reform advance assurance for EIS and SEIS 
  • Encourage the British Business Bank to provide more risk capital
  • Make R&D tax credits fit for a modern digital economy


  • Secure a Data Adequacy agreement asap
  • Create a cross-sector regulatory sandbox to promote regulated sector innovation
  • Work with startups to ensure tech regulation does not create new barriers to entry

The Startup Manifesto has been covered extensively in the national media – including in the Daily Telegraph, The Times, FT-backed Sifted, the New Statesman, Conservative Home and City AM

We look forward to seeing how the new government, from January, responds to the calls for action in the campaign and will help Coadec and The Entrepreneurs Network drive their important joint agenda to a successful end.