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May 19, 2023

Learning at LendInvest

by Emma Kelson, Learning & Development Manager

This week is learning at work week so there’s nothing more fitting than sharing the importance of learning and development at LendInvest.

Over the last few years we have built a strong learning culture across the business by celebrating successes, sharing knowledge, introducing new learning technologies and opening up lots of opportunities through a strong learning and development offering. 

Here are some of the great learning and development opportunities we have at LendInvest:

  • THRIVE – we have a dedicated learning and skills platform that supports self-sufficient social learning across the business and the ability to share resources and knowledge across a hybrid working environment
  • Leadership development – we offer a robust management & leadership programme from stepping into that first management position to the next generation of leaders at LendInvest
  • Internal knowledge sharing – we empower employees to facilitate learning across the business and share their expertise and knowledge
  • Technical training – to support career development and knowledge our employees have access to complete professional qualifications, courses and attend conferences/seminars
  • Mentoring – we have an internal mentoring programme to help support individuals with career development goals, build knowledge and confidence and gain different perspectives

By embracing learning and development opportunities it’s helped unlock new possibilities, overcome challenges and learn from one another which has helped to foster a learning culture across the business. We’ve also seen improved performance, higher employee engagement, creativity, increased motivation and productivity, which have all significantly contributed to the success of the business. 

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