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March 28, 2014

FinTech Week – Review

Celebrating innovation in financial services by bringing together established and start-up companies, uniting London’s FinTech Cluster.

With five major themes, all focusing on the disruption of technology and innovation, FinTech Week has something for everyone. Contributing to the disruption and the intersection of financial services and technology, LendInvest made an appearance at a number of the events which took place this week.

Kicking off the week LendInvest first attended the Markets, Trading and Investment meet-up at the Barclays Accelerator venue in trendy East London. Greg Rogers, Managing Director of Barclays Accelerator, mentorship program for finance startups started off the day talking about how well-positioned London is to become the global leader of financial innovation. The FinTech Week was meant to demonstrate just that. From international payments to trading platforms, London proved there are many ways small companies can disrupt high street business, all for the benefit of customers.

On Tuesday night the LendInvest team joined the FinTech crowd again at the Silicon Roundabout Meetup. We listened to Pavlo Paska from FalconSoft Ltd talk about their technology consultancy and nearshore outsourcing services, and, Avuba Co-Founder and CEO Jona Piela show off their personal banking product. Amongst the FinTech industry there is a mutual dislike for banks – as harmless as it is, it is very interesting to be immersed in a crowd of seriously enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to change the financial services system forever.

On Thursday, LendInvest Co-Founder Christian Faes presented at the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance event. Bringing together a new audience again, this time we benefited from some of the best views in London at Level 39 in Canary Wharf. We were joined by representatives from Barracuro, Squirro, Contego, Seedrs and Aviva (sponsors).

Presentations addressed pensions, insurance, banking, accounting, asset management and regulations as we all learn what the industry is doing to transform legacy processes and ageing systems. The format featured plenty of talks, panel discussions, start-up demos and a buzzing networking space which was the main highlight for us. It’s always great when you’re given a decent working coffee or lunch break during events like this to meet as many new faces as possible, especially when you’re a company in the early stages like LendInvest.