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January 9, 2017

LendInvest CEO Christian Faes shares business tips on Jazz FM

On Saturday morning, amid jazz riffs and licks, LendInvest CEO Christian Faes joined Elliot Moss on Jazz FM to chat about how LendInvest works and how it came to be. The two drill down into Christian’s experiences as a company founder to share knowledge other business leaders can learn from.
Listen here. Enjoy!
Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights from the show:
Christian on. . .
the problem with mortgages:

“The average mortgage in the UK takes three months to get. It is extremely frustrating. It’s hard to imagine a poorer consumer experience.”

raising capital:

“it’s important to point out that we haven’t been an overnight success…”

building a successful tech business:

“Focus not on current trend or fad, but on creating a real business. Focus on creating a business where there is a genuine consumer need.”

company culture:

“Whilst we are trying to create a really fun culture and an attractive place for tech orientated people to come and work, at the end of the day we are not building a games app.”

trust & delegation:

“You can’t do everything, and I think…you do come to a realisation that there are people that can do certain things much, much better than you.”

the key to success:

“I think it is a balance between creating a great product, a really valuable company and giving shareholder value as well.”