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May 25, 2017

Your Feedback: Improvements to process and service

Improving our processes and service to give you the best possible experience is high on our list of priorities. That’s why we’ll occasionally send you a survey to gather your opinions on what we’re doing right and the areas where we can improve. It’s your chance to make a real difference to the way we operate.

Responses to our most recent surveys were largely positive, with plenty praise for our team and the support they provide. The deal process was a particularly popular topic, with many pointing out the benefit of quick answers direct from key decision makers.


Areas of improvement fell into three broad categories.

Some suggested that improvements could be made to clarify the deal process and better define responsibilities within the company.

Respondents also requested greater transparency of all costs upfront, including an accurate understanding of legal fees.

Finally, the survey showed that we had room for improvement when it came to broker events and education.

The invaluable feedback sent us straight to drawing board with the insight we needed to make immediate improvements. Read on to learn about some of the changes we’re currently implementing.


Process changes

Access to decision makers: We’ve opened up access to our entire deal team so you can talk to the right decision maker at the right time. You will now be introduced to your dedicated case manager on enquiry and your dedicated underwriter once an application has been received.

Solicitor fee scale: We recently introduced a fixed solicitor fee scale for all bridging cases, meaning you can now give your client’s an accurate expectation of legal fees from day one.

Expanding our deal team: Several intermediaries informed us that response times were extremely important. It’s a challenge we’re tackling by growing both our underwriter and case management teams. Expect our SLAs to keep on getting better.


Events program and dedicated web pages

This month we launched a dedicated events section within intermediaries.lendinvest.com, which supports our growing program of broker events.

You will now be able to browse our entire line-up of events, register your place, arrange a meeting and request more information about specific events.


Local BDM support

Scotland: Last year we marked expansion across the border to Scotland with the hire of our first local Business Development Manager. Since joining the company Peter McDermid has worked with an array of intermediaries and borrowers, establishing a strong presence in the country.

North of England: In November, Damien Druce joined the LendInvest team as our representative for the North of England. Based out of Manchester, Damien has quickly built relationships with a number of intermediaries in the region, impressed by LendInvest’s product offering and the levels of support offered.

Further expansion: We’re actively looking to expand our business development team, with greater local coverage across the midlands, the west and the north, as well as a growing London based team. It’s all part of a push to ensure we exceed your expectations for service as we continue to grow.