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November 29, 2016

Minimum loan size cut to reflect growing regional demand

We’ve reduced the minimum loan size applicable across our suite of bridging finance products.

LendInvest will now accept applications for loans of £75,000 or higher. The reduction from £100,000 has been applied to all residential and commercial bridging loans.

The decisions follows the launch of LendInvest in Northern England and a flying start in Scotland in recent months, as part of the company’s strategy to become a nationwide lending business.

A smaller minimum loan size reflects the changing profile of the typical loan application that LendInvest receives as it becomes better known in regions beyond London and the Southeast where the average property value is lower.

By reducing our loan size, we will automatically open up the LendInvest proposition to more prospective borrowers working and investing in UK towns and cities far beyond London and the Southeast. 2017 will be the year that we look to accelerate our lending throughout the country.

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