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June 30, 2016

Revised lending criteria announced

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, we have reviewed our lending criteria for bridging finance borrowers. However, we remain very much open for business.

Key criteria information

  • We will continue to lend on open market valuations
  • There will be no changes to published interest rates
  • Lending criteria remains unchanged for deals worth less than £3 million with an LTV of 75% or less
  • Lending criteria has been tightened for deals worth more than £3 million, where the LTV is now capped at 65%
  • We have temporarily paused lending on new second charge cases

Please note that we fully expect to honour our existing pipeline of deals (including second charge cases), and no cases have been cancelled or dropped on account of the Brexit vote.

Further commentary from Ian Thomas, LendInvest Co-Founder and Director

“At times of uncertainty, communication is crucial, no more so between lenders and brokers who want to work hard for their customers. Our message today is that LendInvest remains very much open for business.

“Our decision to tighten lending criteria for higher value cases and pause new second charge loans reflects industry caution after the market shock of last week. Until more data becomes available about prime sales in the new market environment, redefining our lending criteria is the most responsible and prudent course of action.

“LendInvest will carry on lending and we expect to remain busy in the months to come. This is the sort of major event that we have built LendInvest to be able to withstand. We are very well-capitalised and have a well-diversified funding base, from which to continue to lend and service loans.”