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March 08, 2017

LendInvest Report: Start Small to Build More Homes

This week we are calling on the Government to revise its treatment of small and medium-sized property investment and development companies, and recognise the positive contribution they can make to resolving the UK’s deep-rooted housing crisis.

In a new report entitled Starting Small to Build More Homes: A Blueprint for Better Policymaking in the Property SME Market, LendInvest brings together industry evidence for the first time to examine the root cause – and subsequent impact – of challenges faced by property SMEs such as constrained access to finance and distorted policy around regulation, taxation and access to land.

Three key findings

  • Four in five housebuilders have gone out of business since the last housebuilding boom
  • By returning to the same level of market plurality as in 2007, we could build 25,000 more homes every year
  • Small housebuilders were responsible for 3 in 8 of the UK’s new homes before 1990, today they only deliver 1 in 8.

Improving the productivity of property SMEs will have a direct impact on the health of the overall market, with more companies doing business across the UK, meaning an increase in transactions and completions, and more homes on British streets.

Read the full report here.