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November 17, 2017

Say hello to our Buy-to-Let mortgages

Our new Buy-to-Let mortgages mark our entry into the UK’s £40 billion buy-to-let market, complementing our existing range of bridging and development loans.

Having developed our technology and processes in the UK bridging market, we are taking our expertise into a market ten times the size – a natural next step for us as we look to diversify our product offering and address a continuing funding shortage.

With loans available to professional individuals and limited companies for amounts between £50,000 and £2 million for a single case (and up to £5 million across a portfolio), and rates starting at 3.69% for a two-year term at 75% loan-to-value (LTV), up to 30 years and an LTV of 80%, there’s a product to suit most borrowers’ needs.

Why now?

You’ll likely be familiar with the recent doom and gloom headlines – “buy-to-let slowdown”, “buy-to-let on its last legs”, “buy-to-let set to plummet” – but it’s worth looking beyond the headlines.

Granted, both landlords and investors have felt the pinch of recent tax and regulatory changes, but this has distorted people’s perception of the overall health of the buy-to-let market. While it’s true that many amateur – or ‘dinner party’ – landlords have started to reconsider their future buy-to-let goals, the impacts of tax and regulatory change are felt less keenly at the professional end of the market. In this part of the market, investors are better able to account for such changes as business costs – and it’s here that we like to lend. The fundamentals of the buy-to-let market remain robust, too; as an asset class, it’s likely to remain an attractive investment prospect given strong rental demand and long-term capital appreciation.

Until the UK starts building houses at a rate that satisfies demand and at prices aspiring homebuyers can afford, the country needs a healthy private rental sector. And professional landlords are well equipped to contribute to this. So it is with these portfolio landlords in mind that we developed our Buy-to-Let mortgages, catering for the full spectrum of the residential property investment market.

How does it work?

You can apply for one of our Buy-to-Let mortgages from start to finish through our online broker portal – paperless, fast and efficient.

This allows us to issue a decision in principle swiftly, and get deals done in as little time – and with as little fuss – as possible.

But that doesn’t mean you lose the human touch. You’ll continue to receive a personalised service, with a named case manager assigned to your case, and the ultimate decision to lend will still be taken by one of our experienced credit underwriters, all while benefitting from the speed and transparency of the online system.

So, if you’ve got a client in mind or a case that fits the brief, you can find the details of our Buy-to-Let mortgages here or you can kick off an application by registering on our online portal here.