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February 12, 2018

LendInvest launches streamlined Product Transition process to support developers at every stage in their project

London, 12 February 2017LendInvest, the specialist property finance lender, has launched a new process for development finance borrowers to transition seamlessly between products.  


The Product Transition process allows existing borrowers to transfer easily between specialised loans that are tailored to support them at each stage in their development project. This is believed to be a market-first initiative, that delivers a customer experience of the highest quality at every stage of a borrower’s long development project.

Whichever way a borrower needs to transition from one loan type to another, whether it’s from Pre-Construction Finance to Refurbishment Finance, or Development Finance to a Development Exit loan, LendInvest’s specially-developed product transition process ensures that all of the borrower’s funding requirements are met while cutting back the cost, complication and time consumption usually associated with refinancing.


Borrowers that transfer from one development finance product to another with LendInvest will experience and benefit from the support and help of exactly the same team they dealt with when they originally applied for their first loan. They will speak directly to the same relationship manager, as well as liaise with the same lawyers and professional team. Not only does this continuity of service speed up the administrative process for completing a loan transfer, but it means the professionals facilitating the new loan will be familiar with the borrower and their invariably unique background.


The borrower will also benefit from a shorter application form, reduced underwriting on their subsequent loans and the use of an internal quantity surveyor.


Ian Thomas, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at LendInvest, commented: As a modern mortgage lender, we are continually thinking and devising new innovations that transform for the better how our developers can access the finance they need and move as smoothly as possible through the loan process. It is not just a matter of knowing what the borrower needs now, but also confidently anticipating what they will need in the coming months – and even years – that follow.”


Steve Larkin, Director of Development, added: “In building this fluid transition process, which exists nowhere else in the market, we ensure that we have even more flexibility to consistently deliver the best service whilst passing on savings in time and money to the borrower.


Amit Malhotra, a residential property developer and repeat LendInvest borrower, used the product transition service to move from a development finance facility to a development exit loan when his project reached practical completion.


Malhotra, Director of Investams commented: “You can only plan so far with a development, any small setback can alter your timeline which can in turn be problematic when it comes to selling. This is where LendInvest’s approach to product transition truly set them apart as a lender. Having the option to quickly and painlessly transfer from our initial development loan, to a development exit, gave us the flexibility we needed as well as taking the pressure off rushing a sale.“


For further information on the transition process, visit the LendInvest Product Transition site.



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LendInvest is the UK’s online marketplace platform for property finance and one of the UK’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders. The company lends finance to professional property investors and developers, and makes it possible for all sorts of investors – from individuals to some of the world’s largest financial institutions – to invest in the loans it originates. To date LendInvest investors have invested over £1.2 billion in loans, helping to bring 4,000 new or improved homes into the UK market.

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LendInvest is the only online lender to have been rated three times by a regulated European credit rating agency.

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