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The big picture

Since we started lending in 2008 we’ve helped borrowers from all over the UK access fast and reliable capital. Last updated: 30th June 2017.

Total lent
Total number of properties funded

Live loans

The following analysis takes into account all live loans across our online platform, funds and funding lines. It includes loans that are extended, out of term and in enforcement. To learn more about these definitions see here. Last updated: 30th June 2017

Total number
Average loan size
Product split
Lending by region

London 54.6%
South East 18.9%
East England 9.8%
South West 4.8%
North West 3.9%
West Midlands 2.6%
Scotland 2.2%
Yorkshire and The Humber 1.3%
Wales 1.0%
North East 0.8%
East Midlands 0.2%

Redeemed loans

This analysis of repayment and loss rates takes into account all loans issued since 1 January 2014
(i.e. from our first full year of operating as LendInvest).

Repayment profile

Our flexible loan terms mean that our borrowers can usually repay in full any time after their first month. This flexibility also means that the vast majority of our borrowers repay their loans either on time or early. Last updated: 30th June 2017.

Loss rates

In cases where the borrower fails to repay, we may take formal action to recover the debt owed by taking possession of the property and selling it. We actively provision for estimated losses. The following table shows the combined provisioned and realised losses, as a percentage of origination value by vintage. Last updated: 30th June 2017.

Year Loss Rate
2014 0.7%
2015 0.2%
2016 0.0%

Online platform loan book

Every month we publish our online platform loan book which is accessible to all active platform investors. These investors can access the book from the Statements page in their online account.

All platform investors are able to access this information from the Statements page in their online account.

Ways to invest

Online investment platform

  • Designed for financially sophisticated and high net worth individuals, investment professionals, and corporates
  • Investors build an investment portfolio of pre-funded loans
  • Return payable monthly
  • Managed by an FCA authorised and regulated alternative investment fund manager

LendInvest Capital funds

  • Broad investor base, including banks, institutional investors, family offices and qualifying private clients
  • Private debt strategies targeting stable income and low correlation to mainstream assets
  • Income and capitalisation options available
  • Managed by FCA and CSSF authorised and regulated alternative investment fund managers