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Investing in secured property loans


Real estate specialists with a 10 year lending track record, we provide investors – from private individuals through to the world’s largest institutions – with multiple ways to invest in our loans.

Ways to invest

Online investment platform

  • Direct access to secured loans offered on a deal-by-deal basis through alternative investment funds.
  • Typically below 12 months tenor with returns payable monthly.
  • For professional, high net worth and sophisticated investors.
  • Managed by LendInvest Funds Management Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Real Estate Opportunity Fund

  • Pooled fund which takes an active and structured approach to investing in secured loan transactions.
  • Monthly NAV + 90 days’ notice.
  • For investors seeking stable income, robust downside protection and low correlation to mainstream assets.
  • Luxembourg domiciled; regulated by the CSSF.

Listed bonds

  • Secured bonds listed and admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange’s regulated market.
  • Bond purchases may be made through a stockbroker, financial intermediary, or Authorised Offeror.
  • Any decision to purchase or sell the bonds should be made solely on the basis of a careful review of the Prospectus and Final Terms.

Financial institutions

  • Credit lines from UK and international financial institutions.

Why us?

Track record

We have provided stable income and strong returns for our investors for over 8 years. Since our inception we have invested over £1.1billion, and capital under management currently stands at £750 million.

Downside protection

All of our loans are backed by UK real estate, providing strong downside protection for our investors. We have a disciplined approach to credit oversight and undertake appropriate risk management.


We use technology to increase efficiency and to create a streamlined experience for our investors, but we are driven by people with deep industry experience assessing the risks and nuances of every transaction and making decisions accordingly.

Managing Risk

LendInvest is a responsible property lender and we take risk mitigation, due diligence and underwriting seriously.

Investments made via LendInvest products place capital at risk and do not constitute deposits with any member of the LendInvest Group.