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Investing in secured property loans

Our investment products

New! Listed bonds

  • Second Bond currently open, listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Any decision to purchase or sell the Bonds should be made solely on the basis of a careful review of the Prospectus and Final Terms.
  • Bond purchases may be made through a stockbroker, financial intermediary, or Authorised Offeror.

Online investment platform

  • Designed for financially sophisticated and high net worth individuals, investment professionals, and corporates
  • Investors build an investment portfolio of pre-funded loans
  • Return payable monthly
  • Managed by an FCA authorised and regulated alternative investment fund manager

LendInvest Capital funds

  • Real estate debt funds for investors seeking stable income, robust downside protection and low correlation to mainstream assets.
  • Broad investor base, including international institutions, banks and private clients.
  • Income and capitalisation options available.
  • Managed by FCA and CSSF authorised and regulated alternative investment fund managers.

Institutional funding lines

  • Suitable for UK and international financial services institutions seeking long-term exposure to real estate debt
  • Dedicated credit lines

Traditionally, property lending was an asset class only accessible to banks and institutional investors. 

LendInvest bridges this gap, allowing individuals and companies to invest in property finance.

We originate property-backed loans to professional property investors and developers, then make these loans available across a number of different entry points.

While LendInvest loans are secured against property, investors’ capital is at risk.

We secure all loans against UK property

This means borrowers agree that LendInvest can take possession of their property if they do not repay, mitigating the risk of capital loss to investors.

We sit in the middle

Investors have no direct contact with borrowers. Instead, borrowers only speak to our team of underwriters and loan servicers who are all specialist mortgage professionals.

We service the loans

Our experienced loan servicing team handles all recoveries, and taking possession of the property in the event that a borrower fails to repay. For interest and loan repayments, we partner with Pepper Group, a global leader in loan servicing firm.

We take risk seriously

LendInvest is a responsible property lender and we take risk mitigation, due diligence and underwriting very seriously.

Investments made via LendInvest products place capital at risk and do not constitute deposits with any member of the LendInvest Group. LendInvest is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.