Invest in property-backed loans

Our international capital base of over £2.8 billion supports projects of all shapes and sizes, with backing from some of the world’s largest institutions.

Capital at risk – The value of your investment and the income from it will vary and you may lose all of your investment.

Why LendInvest?

We are one of the leading asset management platforms in UK real estate. Our flexible capital base and proprietary technology allow us to execute deals quickly and give us a wide market reach, providing our investors with a strong flow of investments.

Total amount lent

£4 billion+

How to invest

Self-Select platform

4-7% p.a. target return

Past performance is not a guide to likely future performance.

  1. Restricted to high net worth and sophisticated investors
  2. Returns payable monthly
  3. Invest from £5,000

Secured bonds

6.50% and 5.375% fixed

Buying at a discount/premium to face value will result in a higher/lower return.

  1. 2023 and 2027 maturity
  2. Suitable for ISAs and SIPPs
  3. Listed on the London Stock Exchange as retail bonds
This is an advertisement and not a prospectus. Investors should not purchase or sell the bond except on the basis of information published in the latest Base Prospectus and Final Terms.
Capital at risk – The value of your investment and the income from it will vary and you may lose all your investment.LendInvest is a specialist mortgage provider. Investments may not be suitable for your personal circumstances.
You should ensure you fully understand the risks of any investment, and seek independent financial advice if you do not fully understand or are in any doubt as to the suitability of investments for your own circumstances.

Property-backed loans

Property-backed loan investments target stable and predictable returns, usually accompanied by regular income distributions.

Income and capital repayments are not guaranteed. Investments may not be suitable for your personal circumstances.

Low correlation to mainstream assets like stocks and bonds can mean greater insulation from large fluctuations in the value for your portfolio.

Returns are dependent on borrowers’ loan performance, which may be linked to significant underlying real estate market and development risks.

Loans are backed by a security property, better shielding investors’ capital from significant losses if the borrower can’t repay.

Our recovery strategy is to ensure the maximum capital recovery for our investors. We may choose to extend loans or leave loans while we work with our borrowers to recover the loan. When a borrower defaults, insufficient sums may be recovered in relation to an investment.


Loan risk management

We take an active approach to risk to protect your money. Our loans are backed by UK property, and we rigorously assess each investment opportunity, carrying out extensive due diligence on the borrower and security property.

For five years running, our loan servicing has achieved the highest rating from ARC Ratings.

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Loan risk management

1st October 2019
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