Engineering & Data

Working to make the process of owning and investing in property simple and straightforward.

What we’re doing

What we’re doing

Working to make the process of owning and investing in property simple and straightforward and supporting the business to make data-informed decisions, helping it grow and continue reinventing property finance.

Our engineering team consists of a diverse group of engineers, based around the world, who work to build and maintain an AWS-hosted Kubernetes cluster of micro-services that aim to reinvent property finance through a fully-automated property-finance platform.

Our Data team uses Python, AWS and Tableau, to produce insights that are used to inform and improve decision making for teams across the business, working towards the end goal of an automated model of real-time insights to our teams, borrowers and investors.

Together we have built an automated loan book management system and frictionless, paper-free mortgage applications.

Engineers work on modern architecture and following Agile/Lean methodologies with a Jenkins-powered CD pipeline.

Our engineering stack

Our engineering stack

Our back-end services are built in PHP7 and Node.js, the front-end services use React and Redux and our data team uses Python. We use modern architectural patterns and use technology to solve problems, not adapting the solution to our technologies.

Each component of our system is unit/functionally tested by developers, while the QA team automates end-to-end testing using Cypress, Selenium and Cucumber.

We nurture a true DevOps culture. We do continuous delivery using Jenkins to deploy in AWS a set of Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Our principle is “you build it, you run it”. Every developer owns a feature until it has been deployed in production.

Application process

  1. Application
  2. Phone interview
    Phone interview
  3. Code/Data challenge
    Code/Data challenge
  4. Video interview
    Video interview
  5. Offer

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