Buy-To-Let Index

LendInvest Buy-to-Let Index (LIBTLI)

LendInvest, the world’s largest online marketplace for real estate mortgages has developed a Buy-to-Let Index for UK property. The LendInvest Buy-To-Let Index will be published quarterly with a report featuring Buy-To-Let (BTL) performance indicators, rental demands, Buy-To-Let industry news and information on investing in BTL property throughout the UK. The LendInvest Buy-to-Let Index uses recent asking price sales data to provide a snapshot of the UK property market, and then overlays the current rental prices, to obtain an accurate yield for UK BTL property.


To produce the LendInvest Buy-To-Let Index, LendInvest’s Data Science team has done an analysis of the market, using nearly 1 million price points snap shotted for February, covering the whole of the UK. The data for the LendInvest Buy-To-Let Index uses data from Zoopla, one of the largest and most comprehensive property data providers and historical data from Land Registry, making the LendInvest Buy-to-Let Index the most extensive publicly available assessment of the UK BTL property market. The report is broken down into separate interactive diagrams detailing rental yield, capital gains, total return on investment (ROI) and the House Price Index at the Outcode level (the first part of a postcode). Below are interactive graphs that the LendInvest Data Science team has created to allow investors to better understand the UK BTL property market.

Capital Gains - screenshot

Capital gains

Rental Yield- screenshot

Rental yield


Total ROI

Price Index

House price index