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September 2, 2022

The numbers behind a record month for bridging

Get your Heads of Terms in minutes and manage all of your bridging deals here. 

It has been a huge few months for the bridging team, as efficiencies driven by the portal has enabled them to work closely with brokers and borrowers to deliver a record number of deals from the high demand for our bridging products. 

A broad product range backed up with the funds to back up every type of deal meant we were able to support brokers and their clients in every circumstance. Here’s a closer look at what the team achieved in August:

17 – 

The number of deals completed on the 19th August. A record for business in one day, this wouldn’t have been possible without the tech that makes our portal the most efficient way to manage deals, as underwriters were able to take actions quickly. 

83 – 

The total number of completions in August, creating a record month for both volume of deals delivered and the value across all of our short-term lending teams, including some large bridging transactions and development finance 

133 – 

The total number of signed applications submitted in August, with many completed within the month and the rest being progressed now. 

285 – 

The number of enquiries in August as brokers see the benefit of being able to submit an enquiry, have it reviewed, and receive a Heads of Terms all within a few minutes to see whether we are the right lender for their deal. 

81% – 

The percentage of signed apps submitted through the bridging portal, which continues to grow as more brokers see the benefit of technology-enabled lending supporting our experts to deliver simpler finance.  

Get your Heads of Terms in minutes and manage all of your bridging deals here.

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