Blog post
April 28, 2020

The importance of accomplishment

Here at LendInvest we recognise that the mental wellbeing of our employees is just as important as their physical wellbeing during this time. This is why our People Team recently partnered with a Well Rooted Wellbeing, an innovative workplace wellbeing company run by NHS Clinical Psychologists to support our team whilst we’re all staying at home and working remotely. Each week we have a topic of focus; to use as a content and discussion theme on our team Slack channel. 

Today we’re reflecting on the importance of small wins to maintain that sense of accomplishment outside of your working day. 

We have been in lockdown for over a month now and for many of us the days are all merging into one; some of us might be struggling to stay motivated and productive. Having a sense of achievement is really important for everyone right now. When we have a feeling of accomplishment we’re not only happier and satisfied, but we feel better about who we are and what we do. 

The way in which we achieve our own sense of accomplishment may have changed over the last six weeks. 

Before this new sense of normal, we were readily able to think longer term and set goals for the future to focus on. Now, while we can and should still make those long term goals, it is almost more important to seek the small opportunities to gain that sense of accomplishment, without becoming disheartened at the uncertain future ahead. 

Spending time working on short term, quick wins that can feed into our long term goals is a great way to keep us focussed and motivated. 

So how can we do this? We need to set SMART goals.

Many of us will be used to using these in a work performance context, but SMART goals can equally apply to everyday life. 

These goals could be anything from cooking a new recipe, learning how to sew, setting a fitness goal and doing more home workouts, starting a home DIY project and so many more. 

As well as setting realistic goals for the short term, it is also important not to set too many to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Think about those ‘to do’ lists we all write and the satisfaction you feel when you get to cross one off. The same feeling applies when you complete these goals.

Think about the coming week, what goals will you be setting? What would you like to achieve?