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LendInvest response to Halifax house price index
Following the publication of the latest Halifax house price index today, which revealed that house prices in the UK have risen 9.2% in the last 12 months, our Co-Founder and Director Ian Thomas made the following comments:

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas, Co-Founder and Director, LendInvest

The resilience of house price growth is remarkable. Even now that the Stamp Duty stampede of the first quarter is behind us, and with the uncertainty of the EU referendum result dampening activity, house prices are still holding up.
Demand continues to outpace supply; there simply aren’t enough houses being built. The latest disappointing housebuilding stats make this abundantly clear. The Government’s dream of one million new homes by 2020 simply isn’t realistic without a fundamental change of approach.
As a result, house prices will continue to rise. Investors will continue to enjoy great returns from putting their money into property, while aspiring home buyers face a tricky time getting the sums to add up in order to move up the housing ladder.”