Blog post
August 19, 2022

Reliably delivering Buy-to-Let: how we’ve kept our service levels quick

by Andy Virgo, Buy-to-Let Director

It is an understatement to say there have been some changes in the Buy-to-Let market these last few months as lenders have adjusted to the changing market conditions.

It is no secret that we went early with price rises across our products so we could best offer brokers sustainable Buy-to-Let service.

As the market caught up with us, and other lenders have faced the challenges of having to pause or withdraw products from the market entirely, we’ve been able to keep delivering deals for brokers while focussing on improving service so in a time full of changes, you can rely on us to do your deal and get it done quickly. 

Current service levels

The team has excelled at bringing service levels down and streamlining processes to better support you and your clients. 

The operations team has expanded in recent months as well, with more case managers and underwriters available to process deals and be available at every step to support you with extra advice. 

The tools to do the job

As the team has expanded, so has the technology that supports them to make your job easier. Keeping every step simple enables the team to move forward more quickly, ask you less questions and save valuable time and paperwork for you and your clients. This includes: 

  • Open Banking for faster, secure underwriting
  • Integrated Land Registry and Equifax searches
  • Digital ID verification

These might not seem like huge things from the application side, but in the operations team it helps keep your deal moving. 

Service more important than rate? 

In the current market landlords want to continue meeting their ambitions and maximising rental yields, and to do that it requires reliability above all else. 

As lenders have moved broadly towards a place where rates aren’t that different, reliability and service is where they need to be focussing their attentions. As an uncertain economic climate looks set to continue, the one brokers and landlords need is certainty from their lender.