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May 11, 2020

Practicing positivity in uncertain times

Here at LendInvest we recognise that the mental wellbeing of our employees is just as important as their physical wellbeing during this time. This is why our People Team recently partnered with a Well Rooted Wellbeing, an innovative workplace wellbeing company run by NHS Clinical Psychologists to support our team whilst we’re all staying at home and working remotely. Each week we have a topic of focus; to use as a content and discussion theme on our team Slack channel. 

Today we have been reflecting with our wider team on the practical tools and coping strategies that can help maintain a positive mindset through a time of extreme uncertainty.

Staying in the face of adversity 

A positive mindset can help us deal with a whole host of situations that occur in everyday life. 

It brings about optimism and helps to avoid excessive worry and negative thinking. It is even more important during the coronavirus pandemic that we maintain a positive mindset. This may be more challenging for some people however, it is vital that we all have the tools and strategies in place to help with this.

At this time it’s important to focus our attention on the things that we can control and to accept the things that we can not. The more we can focus on what we can control, our mental energy is used to trigger positive responses to reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

The one thing you have control over is the mindset in which you view events. We can make a conscious choice to focus our energy on the things that we do have some power over.

While things are changing rapidly, it is important to remind ourselves of the things that are staying the same. Remind yourself of the things that aren’t changing and take comfort in your regular routines where you can. 

Have a think about what you can control, what can you do to make these more of a focus?

Source: Well rooted wellbeing

Practicing gratitude

A tool that can help us maintain a positive mindset during times of uncertainty is practicing gratitude. It helps you to focus on moments of joy & pleasure and evidence shows us that it can directly affect how we feel.

It has been shown to reduce worry, improve mood and increase emotional wellbeing. It helps us move more towards achieving a positive mindset.

Rather than thinking of how things could be different, try to appreciate what you have right now.

Taking positive action

Sometimes maintaining a positive outlook is easier said than done, especially in times of turmoil or uncertainty. That’s why the key to improving your tendency towards optimism is often finding practical ways to put these ideas into action. 

If your aim is to practice gratitude more often, why not keep a gratitude journal and take ten minutes each morning to write five things you’re grateful for; allotting time to slow down and reflect on the things that you might usually take for granted. 

At the end of each day it is important to reflect on what went well, and what you’re thankful for. What made it a good day? Who are you grateful for? What made you smile? 

Try and tune in more to the things that you might usually take for granted, and take the time to reflect. What are you grateful for today?