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September 22, 2016

Why is party conference season important for a growing business?

Annual party conferences are among the most significant set-piece events in the political calendar. Kick-starting the parliamentary term after a summer recess, conference is a platform for the governing party to determine its policy agenda in the run up to its Autumn Statement. Meanwhile opposing parties coordinate efforts to scrutinise and hold the Government to account. Why is this landmark in the political calendar so important for businesses and their customers?


What party conference season means for businesses and their customers

More than ever, these events are becoming an essential function in facilitating dialogue between UK businesses and parliamentary and political stakeholders. After a febrile summer, which saw the UK vote to leave the European Union, the installation of new government and the beginning of a prolonged leadership battle in the Labour Party, these party conferences will play host to party policy-making that will shape the UK business landscape for years to come.

Financial markets will be watching over the detail of Theresa May’s party policy announcements. Meanwhile Labour will determine who will succeed in securing a mandate to lead the party and oppose May.

Why LendInvest is attending

In this climate, it is essential that businesses like ours participate in this important political exercise, ensuring that the voice of UK industry is heard by government and opposition as they come together respectively to realign party priorities and plan for the future.

As a leading UK FinTech company with a focus on property investment and development, LendInvest will be participating in a number of meetings, policy debates and fringe events to profile the attractive investment class that property debt is becoming. And of course we’ll be highlighting how financial technology is transforming the mortgage market for the long term.

We’ll be speaking up for our borrowers and our investors

Policy propositions arising from the Conservative Party Conference will directly inform government policy, making it evermore important to represent the interests of property investors and developers as the governing party opens dialogue on its forthcoming industrial strategy – policy that will see the Government redouble its efforts behind getting Britain building again.

Theresa May is also expected to use conference to set out her vision for the future of financial services in the UK. The investment community, and indeed those seeking finance, can expect greater clarity about this government’s approach to promoting, protecting and regulating the sector.

At Labour Party Conference, details of the party’s approach to opposition will come to the fore. Important to monitor, will be a fleshing out of their financial services priorities, building on the leadership’s plans to work with financial services to reform the sector to better serve consumers.

In the media frenzy that always accompanies conference, it’s easy to forget how integral a role they play in driving industry agendas forward for the year to come. This year’s conferences promise to be more political, frenetic and busy as ever, but we look forward to taking the priorities of our team and our customers to conference with us and being part of the discussions that follow.

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