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December 2, 2014

Meet the Team: Underwriting

LendInvest wouldn’t be one of the UK’s leading providers of bridging and short term finance without its experienced team of business development managers, underwriters and sales & marketing gurus. In-house decision makers and underwriters enable LendInvest to provide the quickest turn around in the market from loan application to completion.
Mark is one of our highly experienced Underwriting Managers who joined the LendInvest team in August 2014, from a long background in both the commercial and residential property sectors. Mark is responsible for underwriting all applications submitted to LendInvest and determining if the risk of offering a mortgage loan to a particular borrower is acceptable.
This week we caught up with Mark to learn more about his experiences prior to joining LendInvest and to help us understand what terms he follows to underwrite loans.
Hi Mark, welcome to the interview! Let’s start by hearing about your experience prior to joining the LendInvest team? 
I worked for the Lloyds Banking Group for 20 years. Numerous roles held within Branch Sales Management & then as a Principal Mortgage Underwriter for the Group. I then moved to the Paragon Group to set up a residential lending arm funded by Morgan Stanley.
Heineken UK approached me in 2009 to become an Investment Manager for them. The role was field based & I travelled the country managing their existing loan book, advising on strategy & winning new business linked to finance.
I never thought I’d work for a brewery! However this was a great learning experience in more ways than one! The 2 day team meetings, with an overnight stay thrown in, were memorable. The Amsterdam ‘Heineken experience’ trip certainly lived up to its billing….well, from what I can remember!
Tell us a little bit about your role, and how you came to work at LendInvest?
I came across the opportunity purely by chance via a commercial property website. The opportunity grabbed my attention immediately & the rest is history! My role is very varied, which keeps me motivated having been involved in underwriting for some considerable time.
What challenges are you looking forward to tackling at LendInvest?
Growing the Lendinvest business & lending more money, while protecting our risk & exposure in the ever-changing property market.
Morning coffee?
I’m more of a tea drinker really… if I do grab a coffee, then it’s a latte for me.
What tabs have you got open on your browser right now?
Google Maps, DueDil & Rightmove.
What will the next big thing on the internet be?
No idea if I’m honest, but nothing surprises me with how technology is advancing… I think the vision that the guys have to incorporate technology within our lending process is going to be amazing.
…and the next big thing in finance?
Interest rates rise to 10% & there’s a property crash! You never know – it may happen..! 
Mansion tax & different levels coming in over & above £2m starting point……now that’s an interesting thought!
Favourite secret place in London?
I wouldn’t say it’s a secret place, but I do enjoy Regent’s Park! I’m still getting to know London as its well documented I come from up North…well north of the M25 anyway.
Claim to fame?
Aged just 15, I played in the same cricket team as Dean Headley who went on to play for England in 15 Tests. As he was an opening bowler I always tried my best to avoid net practice when he was around! Even at that age, he was extremely quick opening bowler & I just knew he was always going to make it to the highest level.