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August 19, 2014

Meet the Team: Tech

Following on from our interview with Liz, our new Chief Technology Officer we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce you to more members of the LendInvest team.

This week we’re with Oliver who is part of the ever-growing tech team. Oliver brings with him a wealth of experience in software development methodologies, and the ability to turn concepts into reality. We spent 5 minutes with Oliver this week to find out how he came to work at LendInvest, what he thinks the #FutureofFinance holds and the projects he’s looking forward to working on.
Hi Oliver, welcome to the interview! Let’s start by hearing about your experience prior to joining the LendInvest team?
Besides being a software engineer with quite a lot of development experience, I am a skilled problem solver, and generally think that I have a very positive attitude. I continuously look for optimum solutions — all the while enjoying the challenge of satisfying the needs of the business, the development teams and, most importantly, the user.
My past experience spans several software development methodologies (such as SCRUM), all of which I have successfully worked within, building strong relationships with each stakeholder while never losing sight of the goal: to turn concepts into reality. And to do so on time.
Tell us a little bit about your new role, and how you came to work at LendInvest?
I am one of the software developers at LendInvest. Before my interview I didn’t know what to expect and from the very minute of walking through the doors I knew I would love it here. We have a great team with all different backgrounds and I feel that the short time I have been here I have made friendships for life.
We are working on some really cool features with cutting edge technologies. One of the best parts about my role is that when I am assigned a project I am not dictated what tools and languages I have to use which I feel benefits the company and our own personal development.
What challenges are you looking forward to tackling at LendInvest?
We have some super cool features our users will be seeing over the next few months which the team here have spent hours talking about to make sure we nail all the usual problems such as scalability and availability which I know will make LendInvest the tech leaders in our space.
Morning coffee?
Coffee with a shot of whisky (Whisky only on a Friday)
Top 3 desktop tools you can’t live without?
Vim, Spotify & Skype
What tabs have you got open on your browser right now?
Reddit, Stackoverflow, HackerNews
What will the next big thing on the internet be?
Online Virtual Reality
…and the next big thing in finance?
More focus on cryptocurrencies and exchanges based around them and possibly high frequency cyrptocurrency trading.
Favourite secret place in London?
St. Pauls Square
Claim to fame?
I met Nelly, he was small
Thanks Oliver and good luck with your role, it looks like you’ve got more than enough to get stuck into! Stay tuned for more Meet the Team blog posts coming soon!