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We’ve introduced you to Liz our Chief Technology Officer and you’ve read all about Oliver’s role as one of the software developers at LendInvest, so you should have a good grasp on what it’s like to be part of the tech team here at LendInvest. This week we meet with Audrey who is part of the Investor Relations team at LendInvest.

If you’re already an investor with us, then you may well have spoken with Audrey over the phone as she is responsible for all incoming investor relations queries. Prior to joining the LendInvest team, Audrey worked for a number of private banks in Switzerland, building and nurturing relationships with high net worth clients.
We caught up with her this week to learn a little more about where she sits in the team and what her day-to-day work at LendInvest is like.
Hi Audrey, welcome to the interview! Let’s start by hearing about your experience prior to joining the LendInvest team?
I have experience in different sectors ranging from non-profits to private banks. I’ve worked in wealth management, art administration, and social media before taking the leap to FinTech.  
Tell us a little bit about your role, and how you came to work at LendInvest?

I was most interested in working for a finance startup. I moved to London from Geneva and I convinced the LendInvest team that I would be a good fit. Now I’m here to accompany our investors on their way to great returns. This involves being there at the beginning of their journey, introducing them to our business model and guiding them through the technology on the LendInvest platform.  

What challenges are you looking forward to tackling at LendInvest?
Every day is challenging! But looking at it from a long-term perspective, it’s rewarding to see our investor base grow even faster than ever before! For me this means constantly adapting to the changes we make to the technology and making sure we maintain a high standard of customer services as the team grows.
Morning coffee?
Can’t do without it!
Top 3 desktop tools you can’t live without?
Google Chrome, Dropbox and Microsoft Excel
What tabs have you got open on your browser right now?
My email, a few windows with different views of LendInvest admin (the behind-the-scenes), my profile on JIRA (a project management tool) and Youtube for my lunch break.

What will the next big thing on the internet be?

Wearable tech

...and the next big thing in finance?

Asset-backed marketplace lending. Safer, higher returns. LendInvest is best-in-class of course!

Favourite secret place in London?

Evans and Peel Detective Agency – a speakeasy style bar in West London. Not so secret anymore…

Claim to fame?

Can do an ice cream merchant accent – in Russian. Only where required.