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May 10, 2022

Making development applications simpler in just 4 pages

See our rates, meet your relationship managers and explore the deals we’ve previously supported.

by Gemma Squirrell, Operations Director

Since launch, LendInvest has taken great strides to make accessing property finance simple, whatever the project and whatever the finance. 

Embedding technology into the Buy-to-Let process to speed up processing and a market-leading portal for simpler bridging applications.

Development finance remains – necessarily in some cases – a different animal to these types of deal, and therefore reinventing it is not as simple. 

That shouldn’t be a barrier though, and by putting an emphasis on relationships and speed of delivery through 24-hour drawdowns we’ve been successfully supporting simpler development deals for years. 

This past month we took another step forward for making getting the right development funding simpler with our new, simple, application form. This captures all of the essential information necessary to get a deal started in just four pages.  

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Why an application form at all? 

The complexity of development lends itself to being wholly relationship-based, and for first enquiries that is the right thing to do; but we felt there was a gap in the process for a lean, approachable form that can get deals started faster. 

Providing this alongside the borrowers’ A&L statement, development appraisal and CV, can start the deal more efficiently with everything in place.

With the right information to hand early in the process, the team can then get to work on building the right deal for developers and their clients, without the need for repetition throughout the process. 

Relationship managers can focus instead on informing the clients and ensuring the right structure and outcome for the deal. 

Download our new application form here.

See our rates, meet your relationship managers and explore the deals we’ve previously supported.

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