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July 20, 2016

#LondonIsOpen – and so is LendInvest

We set up LendInvest in London because of the strong UK property market, but more importantly, it’s the huge talent pool from across the world that makes London a truly global city.

There are people from 18 countries who work at LendInvest (I am from Australia myself) and each bring in their own strengths to make LendInvest such a vibrant, open and growing company. The success story that LendInvest enjoys is down to the countless opportunities that London offers. We can argue that such growth just couldn’t have been replicated elsewhere.

London is like no other, and what makes it unique is its cosmopolitan culture. Its ability to make everyone to feel at home. Almost 40% of London residents are born outside the UK and over a million of Londoners are from across the EU. The stats draw a clear picture of how tolerant and multicultural London is. From croissant to sushi, everything is equally accessible and admired.

UK voted to leave the EU in a historical referendum on 23rd June. We discussed the economic implications and cautious mood of the market in our latest post.

We are inspired by the Mayor of London’s new initiative #LondonIsOpen in this time of uncertainty. Sadiq Khan sends a powerful and beautiful message to the world that London is still open for business and everybody is welcome in London.

We would like to express our support to the campaign and emphasise that LendInvest shares similar values. We are proud of our diverse workforce and we remain optimistic about the future.

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