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November 30, 2018

LendInvest wins Innovative Lender of the Year

On what was a fantastic night hosted by the NACFB, LendInvest capped off a terrific 2018 by winning the ‘Innovative Lender of the Year’ award.
Being commended for this category is a real testament to the steps that LendInvest has taken this year to make the property lending industry fully digital.
In 2018 alone, LendInvest has done a lot to help streamline the lending process.  

  • There has been the creation of online calculators for brokers and direct borrowers to use before they put in an application, generating instant quotes that save our customers valuable time
  • The implementation of our dedicated BTL portal, an online platform that enables BTL mortgage management and allows the borrower to be in control.
  • Striking up a partnership with OnFido, the ID Verification company, ensuring our borrowers don’t have to send in paper copies of their passport or other photo identification.
  • Finally, we have partnered with Stripe, allowing us to take payments from our borrowers quickly through each stage of the loan process.

Each of these steps and more are all part of our continuous efforts to bring the entire mortgage process online, streamlining our customers experience whether they are a broker or a direct borrower.

In 2017, we were awarded the prestigious ‘Hamilton House Award’ by the NACFB in recognition of our LendInvest Development Academy.