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February 7, 2017

LendInvest responds to government's Housing White Paper

Today the government release their Housing White Paper, intending to outline plans to boost housing supply in Britain.

Commenting immediately after the announcement, Ian Thomas, co-founder and CIO of LendInvest, said:

“The housing white paper makes it clear that the onus is on all levels of government and industry to deliver more homes of every type.

The success of small scale house-builders is of critical importance to the increase in housing supply. In the execution of these measures, government must put SMEs at the core, providing them with access to finance, land and skills to put homes on British streets.

We want to see these small builders and property investors at the front of the queue to purchase public land and we look forward to opportunities to work with government to get public finance into the hands of these developers.”

 Read the Housing White Paper here.