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November 2, 2015

LendInvest in the Press: Buy-to-Let Tax and FinTech Profile

LendInvest was featured on various sites across the web in October 2015- here are some of the highlights.

Buy-to-Let Tax

The Telegraph used our Buy-to-Let Index to create this article – 10 towns most affected by the new buy-to-let tax. Towns that will potentially be hit the hardest include West London, Watford, Slough, St Albans, Shrewsbury, Reading, East Central London, Hereford, South West London and Hemel Hempstead. In the article, The Telegraph points out that George Osborne’s new buy-to-let tax won’t affect high-earning landlords- it will be landlords who put down small deposits when they bought their properties that will have to pay more tax. Landlords in some parts of the country will be worse off than others, especially in towns with a low rental yield (the ration between rental income and property value).

FinTech Profile: Christian Faes

Our CEO Christian Faes was interviewed for FinTech profile about why he started LendInvest, what our company does and the future of financial services. His message to the larger players in the finance industry; “…being different, new or alternative has its benefits and isn’t something to run from. Also, come and talk to us. FinTech isn’t out to remove or replace the ‘traditional’ players in the financial services sector completely. We are out to improve the customer experience and that’s only going to happen with collaboration and partnerships between the new and the old.”