June 15, 2021

Case study: £8.7 million pre-construction loan for 75 unit development

See our development rates and criteria.  Location: Cotswolds Loan amount: £8.7 million  LTV: 65% Purpose: A pre-construction loan to acquire land with outline planning permission for 75 residential units, ranging from two bedroom bungalows to three, four and five bedroom homes.    ——  A long-standing and existing borrower of ours approached us seeking funding for...

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June 14, 2021

Watch: How Open Banking simplifies Buy-to-Let mortgages

See all of our latest Buy-to-Let rates and offers here Using Open Banking to increase the speed to offer for Buy-to-Let mortgages is a relatively new approach some lenders take, but one we’ve talked about for a long time. As a technology-enabled lender, we’ve long seen the potential benefits of how we could use Open...

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June 8, 2021

Case study: £1.6 million Development Exit for remaining units

See our development exit rate cuts and all our other bridging rates.  Location: Epsom Loan amount: £1,610,000 LTV: 70% Purpose: Development Exit finance for a repeat developer client waiting to sell the final 4 units of their new-build scheme. ———- See our development exit rate cuts and all our other bridging rates. LendInvest had worked...

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May 28, 2021

The evolution of our Buy-to-Let underwriting: Q&A with Tom Steer

Our Underwriting Team Leader, Tom Steer, talks through his time at LendInvest and how the underwriting process has evolved. How long have you been at LendInvest? I have been at LendInvest since April 2019 so just over 2 years now. How do you approach the underwriting process?  When underwriting you need to look at each...

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May 26, 2021

Underwriting your Buy-to-Let deals: Q&A with team leader Gareth Thomas

Take a closer look at our up-to-date Buy-to-Let deals and rates. We spoke to our Buy-to-Let Underwriting Team Leader Gareth Thomas about his time at LendInvest and what good Buy-to-Let lending looks like.  When did you join LendInvest? So I joined as an underwriter in February 2018, about five months after Buy-to-Let was launched. How...

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May 25, 2021

How good packaging can speed up your Buy-to-Let cases

Take a look at our Buy-to-Let rates and offers. When working with multiple clients at time, managing lots of deals at once, it’s easy for small things to get missed. When it comes to packaging documents however, it is vital these things remain high on a broker and borrower’s agenda as they try to get...

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May 25, 2021

Reaping the benefits of Open Banking in Buy-to-Let: how it works from an underwriter’s perspective

See our latest Buy-to-Let rates and offers. LendInvest has been an early adopter of Open Banking in the Buy-to-Let process, using its potential to offer faster deals. Our Underwriting Team Leader, Tom Steer, talks through how Open Banking is working for the underwriting team to make Buy-to-Let deals faster and simpler for brokers and their...

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May 24, 2021

From case manager to underwriter: delivering Buy-to-Let deals with Jess Kayli

Jess Kayli talks about her time moving through the case management and underwriter teams at LendInvest. Take a closer look at our up-to-date Buy-to-Let deals and rates. I joined LendInvest as a Buy-to-Let case manager in 2018. This was a position I held for a year and a half before I was asked to join...

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May 21, 2021

Case study: £825,000 Development Exit completed in 12 working days

See the recent rate cuts across our bridging range. Location: Basingstoke Loan size: £825,000 LTV: 75% Purpose: Development Exit to refinance to secure another site purchase. —— Lower rates across our development exit range A developer who has worked with us before needed fast finance to complete the purchase of another site.  The current site...

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May 6, 2021

Bridging case studies: Bridging loans across the UK up to 75% LTV

See all of our bridging rates and offers here.  As part of the recent influx of bridging deals our team has been working on different types of deals across the country for investors with different needs. Take a closer look at the deals we’ve been backing:  Newcastle  LTV: 75%  Loan amount: £101,250 An experienced property...

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