November 14, 2019

When to use Bridge-to-Let finance

Bridge-to-Let finance can fund your next project while giving you time to complete refurbishment works, here is a guide for how and when you should use it

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November 8, 2019

What are the different types of development finance?

Development Finance is an umbrella term often used to describe any form of finance for a building or refurbishment project, but there are many variations

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November 7, 2019

The creative life of a QA Engineer

One word you wouldn’t naturally associate with quality assurance (QA) engineering is creativity; however it’s this particular aspect of the role that makes the function so important to a business. We caught up with our Lead QA Engineer, Meenakshi Choudhary to find out why.  “Bugs are often hidden. And performing the obvious positive tests will...

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November 6, 2019

Delivering faster Development Finance

We’re embracing Aprao, a new tool used to help property development appraisals, to help deliver faster Development Finance for our borrowers

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November 1, 2019

What kind of bridging loan do I need?

Residential bridging loans, commercial bridging loans, auction bridging loans, bridge-to-let bridging loans: which one is right for your property project?

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October 23, 2019

Using technology to disrupt the property market

When carving out a niche in the fast-paced and competitive world of FinTech, there are several approaches you can take.  Most obviously, you can focus on the low-hanging fruit; processes and services many other players will be trying to innovate and shake-up. Alternatively, you can cast your attention to the higher-hanging fruit, and we’ve always...

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October 18, 2019

Product management: you are what you read

A great product manager delivers considerable value to an organisation and its customers. But what makes a great product manager besides a facility with databases and visualisation tools, and a penchant for caffeinated beverages and fruit smoothies?  At LendInvest, we’re fortunate to have amazing product managers with a deep understanding of what it takes to...

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October 15, 2019

Why brokers should embrace Open Banking

In our trial of Open Banking, we have seen how it can improve the speed and quality of the underwriting process and reduce the burden on brokers and clients

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October 8, 2019

Building a diversified funding base

Our CEO, Christian Faes, recently joined the LendIt Fintech Conference to outline the history of our company,  how we approached building a diversified funding base and what that has meant for our product range. Watch as Christian discusses our first institutional investors, the future for our services and how we keep new technology at the...

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October 7, 2019

Rebuilding Jenkins to avoid logjams

Automated code building and testing is transformative. It speeds up the coding process by allowing everyone to simultaneously write and deploy code, while continuously testing to ensure bugs don’t gum up the works. A problem comes, however, when your job queue is completely occupied with builds and automated tasks, preventing other important jobs from being...

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