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October 19, 2017

Know Your Loans: Use the Loan Activity Tracker

It’s important that our investors understand how the loans they are investing in are performing, which is why we’ve made it a priority to continually improve and iterate features to the platform that provide the most transparent and efficient investor experience.

There are two significant features in particular that were recently added to allow investors to check the status of their loans as they change. These new features put investors in control of tracking the progress of the loans they are invested in in real time. This means no more waiting around for email updates. Just login and check the status at any time.

Before the summer, we introduced a “traffic light system” that indicates the current status of loans in an investor’s portfolio using differently coloured signals. For loans added to the platform since February 2017, these signals indicate the latest status of each loan; for instance, whether the loan is ‘on schedule’, or ‘in arrears’ when we’re working with a borrower who’s fallen behind on an interest payment for a short period of time. You can read more about this system here.

Lately, however, we’ve wanted to make it even easier to track the instances when there is activity impacting the performance or status of a loan. Investors can now view a new activity section that tracks all changes and updates for each individual loan they have invested in. This can be found by clicking the loan name of any investment in their portfolio. Each activity tracker includes a summary of all income payments and changes to the status of a loan, whether that’s an authorised extension to the duration of the term, an unauthorised delay to final repayment, or maybe a partial repayment before the loan matures.

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