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January 3, 2024

How we’re backing Buy-to-Let landlord customers in 2024

See our new Buy-to-Let rates – reduced by up to 80bps – here.

By Sophie Mitchell-Charman, Commercial Director

I will try as best I can to make this one of the last times I say the phrase ‘after a challenging year’. For as much as we loved that in 2023, we think it’s time to look forward and make 2024 the year we back your landlord clients even more to succeed.

In December’s IMLA survey of landlords, they found that despite the prevailing narrative of 2023 – mass exits from the market, too much pressure and so on – the majority were planning to expand their portfolios.

As a mortgage lender, it is our job to back them to do that, here’s how we’re doing it.

Right now

Movement in the Swap Rate Market might be quite a traumatising phrase after the past two years. 

But as the Bank Of England Base Rate has stayed stable, and the rate of inflation has begun to fall, more confidence has entered the market and Swaps have begun to fall, which we’re passing on to your customers. 

Our combination of: much lower Buy-to-Let Rates + Specialist support for complex Buy-to-Lets up to £1.5 million + Light touch capital raising = all of the tools you need to grow landlord portfolios. 

Our new rates are reduced by up to 80bps, and support landlords at every stage of their career: first-time, incorporating, portfolio and Limited Company landlords. 

Coming soon

The next way we’re backing your customers is by making your life easier; giving you faster decisions you can rely on and helping progress your deals at speed through our brand new Buy-to-Let portal. 

Powered by the same technology as our Residential and Bridging deals; our tech team are just putting the finishing touches on bringing Buy-to-Let into the LendInvest Mortgages Portal, where you will have: 

  • Credit-Backed DIPs: Get certainty for you and your clients that we’re the right lender for their deal
  • 5x faster case information: Our recent redesign saved 80% of brokers time when looking for information on their active cases
  • Live updates: See your cases progress as our team works them
  • Broker tasks: If we need you to help us process a deal, you’ll be clearly notified so we don’t lose any time. 

The tools to deliver in 2024

By giving you access to the right products, made faster through our market-leading technology and delivered by our experts; we’re confident we can back your landlords to meet their ambitions in 2024, and there’s no need to wait to start it. 

See our new Buy-to-Let rates – reduced by up to 80bps – here.