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July 18, 2023

Giving brokers the answers they need: how we’ve embedded Talkative into our BDM and Broker interactions

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Earlier this year, we implemented Talkative, a live chat function to connect our BDMs more directly with our broker customers. 

There was an immediate impact, with month-on-month interactions increasing by 108%. 

Our Team Leader for Internal Sales – Paige Archer – talks about the implementation process and what the future could hold for BDM/Broker interactions. 

Why did you as a team want to integrate talkative? 

As ever in this business, there is a huge emphasis on time and spending the appropriate amount of time doing the right thing by our brokers. 

We’ve always – and still do – run an inbox and phone number, but by looking in depth at the type of emails and calls we were receiving, we found there was a gap for more simple, quick questions brokers needed answers to that didn’t require a phone conversation. 

Finding a way to meet the quick demands of brokers and free up our own time to support their needs elsewhere was a key requirement of the tool. 

How has it been getting used to it, and what have brokers said? 

We’ve gotten used to the system pretty quickly, it’s very easy to use. 

It’s a useful tool for when we may be not very confident with the answer so it gives us time to think about what we need to say and how to present the answer.

From the broker side, the interactions speak for themselves, more and more are seeing it as an option of how to communicate with us and we hope in time it will continue to grow as a time-saving option for us and them. 

What do you think the future for Talkative will be?

I think it will mean a better service for our brokers and a better time balance for us as we continue to build our working process around it. 

Obviously this is now the third contact point, so while the tool is easy to use, managing this kind of change can be a challenge! 

Once it is properly embedded we’d like to see it become an increasingly important feature of our broker conversations to make sure everyone gets what they need, when they need it. 

To learn more about our new Buy-to-Let products, go to our Buy-to-Let page