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December 6, 2018

Christian Faes stars in TBE podcast

Many people wonder what exactly it is that sets CEOs apart from others. For Ollie Forsyth, a young entrepreneur who started the TBE (The Budding Entrepreneur) Club and podcast, this includes what they eat for breakfast. Interviewing LendInvest CEO and co-founder, Christian Faes recently, this is exactly what he asked. And for Christian it’s granola – nothing out of the ordinary.
Ollie then further asks “what is a typical day is like and is it stressful” to which Christian outlines that it’s a lot less stressful now than it used to be and that’s because of the great people now in the business. It’s all about bringing great people in and giving them the backing and the power to grow.
LendInvest is increasingly becoming a more sophisticated and complicated business and Christian highlights exactly what we do in this relaxed, insightful podcast.
Download the conversation below: