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September 8, 2015

Celebrating the Rebranding of LendInvest

LendInvest rebranding party

Last week we unveiled a completely new identity for LendInvest, with a new logo, new website design and new voice. The old corporate-looking logo is gone and in its place we have something fresh and modern. We received some great feedback on Twitter and in the press about our new look, with Bridging & Commercial calling us “the face of new finance”. We also featured in the Tech City News video roundup and this very funny article- What do New Zealand, Google and LendInvest have in common?

To celebrate we held an office party, with drinks, balloons and special cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies in our new colours- yellow, slate and turquoise. In addition everyone received merchandise featuring our new branding, including bags, pens and notebooks.

LendInvest rebranding party- cupcakes from crumbs and doilies

LendInvest Rebranding Party

LendInvest Merchandise

The event kicked off with our CEO Christian Faes saying a few words about how far we’ve come and where we’re going as a company. He also went on to introduce some of the new members of our team, but not before digging out some old embarrassing photos from Google!

LendInvest CEO Christian Faes

Following on from Christian’s speech, our marketing team gave a presentation to explain how we came up with the new brand design concept from beginning to end. For the new look we consulted with DesignStudio- the team behind Air BnB’s rebranding, so we invited them along to join in the festivities and say a few words about their involvement in our new visual identity. You can see their case study of our project here.


LendInvest Rebranding Party

LendInvest Rebranding Office Party

Our Chief Marketing Officer Bart Boezeman, who led the rebranding, declared no-one should leave without at least tearing down a little bit of the old logo, which was still stuck to our meeting room windows. So we all took it in turns at peeling off a letter and removing the remaining evidence of our old brand identity. It was rather satisfying, although it took a bit of strength to peel off!

LendInvest- tearing down our old logo

LendInvest rebranding party- pulling down the old logo

LendInvest Rebranding Party

It was a great day for LendInvest and we’re looking forward to showing off our new look at many more events soon, including our Broker Party, FinTech week, The Financial Services Expo 16-17 Sept, Mortgage Business Expo 7 Oct and LendIt 20-21 Oct. See you there!