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June 10, 2022

Case Study: Underwriting a regulated bridging deal for a couple with a looming deadline

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Location: Maidstone 

Loan size: £173k

LTV: 46.15%


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A broker approached us on behalf of a couple who wanted to refinance their semi-detached home. 

They had an interest only mortgage with a High Street Bank which was ending and needed repayment. They wanted a Regulated Bridging Loan for a 12-month term to pay off their existing mortgage while they sold the home.

After selling the property they planned to sell their business and relocate outside the area, so being debt free on the home was an important part of their long-term plans. 

Working with our BDM, Shane Wallace, and our Underwriter Sarah Sambles, they got the funding they needed ahead of the repayment deadline. 

Case Study: Fast auction purchase against tight deadline submitted through the portal

Sarah explains how she approached delivering this regulated bridging deal: 

“After receiving the new regulated bridging application, I was advised by the broker that this was a time critical case due to the borrower’s current mortgage expiring in only a few weeks time. 

“So I ensured we moved as quickly as possible to get the process started. Within 1 working day, I had carried out the initial assessment of the case and instructed the valuation. I stayed in regular contact with our solicitors and the broker throughout the process advising of what stage we were at and what remained outstanding in order to progress the case forward. 

“Once I received the valuation report back I credit approved the case in less than two working days. 

“Matters continued to move quickly with our solicitors working on a dual representation basis acting for both us as the lender and also on behalf of the borrowers. 

“Our solicitors made me aware that there was a restriction on the title but after discussing this further with them, I was able to get comfortable on this point and proceed with a solution which meant completion was not delayed.

“Our solicitors were able to provide us with their Report on Title only four days after I had credit approved the case and we completed two days before the borrowers deadline date – which was a relief for all!”

Explore our bridging products, get instant quotes and apply online. 

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