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We recently met Beau Quarry from Australia, who runs a development company in London.

Beau’s story

Beau has lived in London for six years, primarily focusing on regeneration spots in East London. He bought his site in Hackney four years ago, developing 8 flats and 4 five-story town houses on it.

After speaking to all the local agencies and assessing what potential buyers were looking for in the £2 million plus market, he realised everyone was looking for light. They felt that the traditional Georgian terraces typically found in this area were crammed and dark, with small bathrooms, small kitchens and no open spaces. As a result of that market research, Beau identified that his houses needed to provide plenty of light.

‘Here is the light and the open space’, Beau tells us.

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Why LendInvest?

At LendInvest we are often able to provide finance to small-scale developers when traditional lenders won’t. We can lend to foreign nationals too, unlike banks.

Beau says:

‘I didn’t think I’d get a loan from somebody else. So many lenders would just look to find an answer or a reason to say no. At the end of the day I have high quality products and very good values.’

He continues,

‘The important thing is the security and my experience with LendInvest is that that’s what the focus is. The value that comes in. It’s relatively straightforward, the value is robust, and you get a loan on a relatively low Loan-to-Value.’

‘It should be simple and it is easy with LendInvest.’

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